Flowers for Elders

Flowers for Elders

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Even Small Gestures Make a Huge Impact

Here at Flowers for Elders in Roseville, California, our mission is to enhance the lives of patients in convalescent hospitals. We do this by providing them with floral arrangements that could uplift and brighten their day.

Our Vision

Studies conducted by Rutgers University in 2001, and Harvard and Massachusetts Universities in 2006 document positive effects on the seniors who were given flowers. Researchers noted a decrease in the elders’ level of depression and anxiety. There was also an increase in compassion, memory, and energy levels.

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Backed by these academic researches, we strive to help bring positive dispositions to residents and patients in convalescent hospitals and other facilities through our gifts of floral arrangements.

What We Do

Besides providing floral arrangements to patients, we also assist activity directors of convalescent hospitals in putting together floral arranging classes for their patients.

Our Beginnings

This nonprofit organization was born out of our simple desire to make a change in the lives of elders. Read about our story as told by Cecille Valoria, our founder.

In August 2016, my daughter Camille, married her best friend Chris, in beautiful Half Moon Bay. Due to the fact that we did not have enough room for all of our friends and relatives, my husband and I decided to do another reception at the Catta Verdera Clubhouse in Lincoln, California. 

With the help of my friend, Cecilia Nguyen, we put together floral arrangements for a few bird cages which was my theme. The day after the reception, I decided to repurpose the flowers and put them in two huge vases. Before church, I drove to a convalescent hospital I had spotted on Cirby when I used to drive my kids to Oakmont High School.

I didn’t quite know where the entrance to the facility was, but I managed to find one of the doors facing the street. It was perfect because I was led to the admission office. With the two floral arrangements in hand, I talked to the lady at the admissions desk. She was touched by the gesture to the point of tears.

On my way home, God impressed in my heart, “Flowers for Elders.” My heart sang as I drove. Tears started flowing as I pondered the joy I saw in the faces of those two patients who received the arrangements. Luke 6: 33 says, “And if you do good to those who are good to you, what credit is that to you? Even sinners do that.” I wouldn’t be expecting anything back in return from these patients. This was the giving Luke 6:33 alluded to.

I have always loved flowers ever since I was little. I remember how I would use my meager allowance to purchase a rose from a neighboring grower, to give to my classmates who celebrated their birthdays.

I have found my calling!

In addition, Flowers for Elders holds a special place in my heart because my mom, Cecilia Alamo, worked as a nurse in different convalescent hospitals until she was 80 years old. Doing this, honors her and serves to continue her legacy of love and service.

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We thank Chris Miyazaki, Jennie Miller, Randi Phillips, Kelly Baker, Rosina Kirkland, Susan Erickson and Oak Hill staff for their donations of time, vases, and flowers. Thanks also to our team: Brenda Lopez (treasurer) and Ingrid Pil Vasquez (Secretary).